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Body Glove Red Cell Slant Zip 3/2


The Red Cell by Body Glove provides the latest and greatest in wetsuit technology offering premium dryness, comfort, warmth, flexibility, and durability. Water sport fans can rest assured that their wetsuit will provide them the flexibility, comfort, durability and warmth time and time again from the company that brought you the original wetsuit, Body Glove.

[FUNCTION AND INSULATION] Body Glove's patented honeycomb lined infrared insulated fabric gives the user consistent air and provides breathability within the wetsuit while keeping the body warm. 

[NEOPRENE PROTECTION] The wetsuit is made with Evoflex neoprene fabricsmade to keep you dry with the least amount of water seepage.  

[MOVE FREELY] No matter what skill level of surfer or swimmer you are, the Body Glove RedCell allows you to move freely within the waters with great efficiency and ease via the suit's Reflr-X ergonomic back panel, and multiple padded features.  

[SPECS] Red Cell infrared honeycomb insulating material | An evo-dry exterior material s | Evoflex super stretch neoprene with microbead sealant to keep water out |Front and back integration drain systemSecond generation Nano Tritec knee pads | Exterior key pocket with cord | Reflr-X ergonomic back panel | Drain wholes throughout | Blunt cut, glide skin wrists & ankles, and seamless underarm paneling.

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